June 1st, 2024: 65th Stade Auction

65th Stade Auction

June 1st, 2024

Many rarities incl. the oldest known illustrated official postcard in the world from 1870 as well as an estate of a Germany general collection with Bayern Eins and other rarities, foreign post offices, colonies and postal covers and cards.

Special Information

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Short Terms and Conditions

The buyer’s premium is 23.8%(inc. VAT) of the hammer price; an additional charge of 2.38(inc. VAT) euros per lot plus any shipping costs. The statutory value added tax will be added to the buyer's premium and the miscellaneous costs (applies only for customers in the EU). All items marked with an asterisk are subject to different taxation according to § 25a UStG, no VAT becomes due.

Note: paragraphs 80a, 86, 86a Note on NS emblems and / or symbols
The buyer for documents, literature, etc. with anti-constitutional symbols such as Swastikas or SS - SA characters is obliged to only use the items for historical-scientific collecting purposes. They are in no way to be used in a  propagandistic way,  especially in the sense of §86 of the German Criminal Code. 

Please note the Terms and Conditions

Please note that this translation is provided for information; only the German text of "Allgemeine Versteigerungsbedingungen" is mandatory. 

  1. The auction takes place voluntarily, on behalf and for account of a third party and against immediate payment in Euro. Payment by instalments may only be granted by prior agreement with the auctioneer.
  2. The lots are awarded to the highest bidder by hammer price. If two bids are identical, the first one received will take precedence. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to award a lot or to withdraw, recombine and divide lots. In the event of misunderstandings, the auctioneer is entitled to auction off the lots again. The minimum bid is 6 euros. Bids less than 6 euros will not be accepted.
  3. Our bidding increments must be accepted (see catalogue pg 7 “Bidding increments”). The bidding is always done in your favor. Bids not corresponding to our bidding increments are automatically increased to the next increment.
  4. The buyer’s premium is 23,8% of the hammer price; an additional charge of 2,38 euros  per lot plus any shipping costs. All items are subject to different taxation according  25a UStG; no VAT becomes due. This regulation only applies for customers in the EU. For our Swiss customers and customers outside the EU the regulations of Stade Auktionen GmbH, Bärmeggenweg 6, CH-4314 Zeiningen apply www.stade-auktionen.ch
  5. The purchase order contract between the auctioneer and the buyer becomes valid with the knockdown. At the moment of knockdown all risks concerning losses or damage are at the responsibility of the buyer. In case of bidding for a third party, both buyer and third party are liable. Bidders receive a pre-payment invoice that is due to immediate payment. The ownership of the auctioned goods will only be transferred to the buyer when full payment has been effected.
  6. The awarded lots are due to payment within 5 days upon receipt of the auction invoice. Alternatively the buyer can confer a SEPA direct debit mandate in favour of Stade Auktionen GmbH & Co. KG. The direct debit procedure will be effected in full within 10 days upon receipt of the auction invoice. The term of pre-notification will be within 2 days. Sufficient funds have to be ensured by the buyer. All costs for negative bookings or non-payment will be at buyer's expense unsless having been caused by Stade Auktionen GmbH & Co. KG. If payment has not been effected 3 weeks after the auction at the latest, the auctioneer may demand the non-performance and take legal action. (€ 5,- reminder fee and 1,5% of the invoice amount will be charged).
  7. Should the obligatory acceptance be refused, the auctioneer can decide whether after a set period, compensation will be charged due to non-fulfilment. The damages can be regulated in such a manner that the lots are taken into a future auction and the debtor is charged the difference between the knockdown bid and the previous bid as well as the costs connected with this transaction, including the charges of the auctioneer. There is no demand for higher realizations.
  8. The auction lots have been described carefully and conscientiously, however the auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any faults or attest the authenticity.
  9. Complaints must be received no later than eight days upon receipt of the lots involved. The lots which are subject of the complaint must be submitted in their original condition and the contents must be unchanged, otherwise no complaints will be permitted.
  10. The lot numbers and bids must be entered properly on the bid form and are to be rechecked for correctness by the bidders. No complaints will be accepted due to incorrect lot numbers or bids in the bid form.
  11. Any claims against the supplier or the auctioneer must be received within six weeks after the auction.
  12. Collections or collective lots are excluded from complaints.
  13. Lots will not be shipped for previewing.
  14. Until the auction takes place, the auctioned goods are locked away at our business premises at Markgrafenstraße 5, 79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany. The auctioned goods may be viewed at our office up to around 2 weeks before the auction, by prior telephone notification.
  15. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude people from the auction without giving any reason. The auction terms are binding for suppliers, auction participants and bidders, without written acceptance. By the submission of written bids, on issue of purchase contracts or for bidding personally at the auction, our general auction conditions are recognized and accepted.
  16. The area of jurisdiction is Lörrach, Germany and the place of fulfilment is Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany. The contract of auction is subject to German law.

Please note that this translation is provided for information; only the German text of "Einlieferungsbedingungen" is mandatory.

  1. The seller can only consign sale items which he/she legally owns.
  2. Consignments are accepted at any time and will be sold at the possible forthcoming auction.
  3. The starting price will be fixed by the auctioneer according to market conditions.
  4. The auctioneer has the right to accept bids of up to 20 % lower than the starting price.
  5. For every lot withdrawn from the auction, a compensation of 100 euros per hour for examination and appraisal - at least 100 euros - are at the consignee's charge.
  6. Sales commission is 22% of the hammer price. For a total hammer price up to 500 euros the sales commission is 30%. In addition, the consignee has to pay the postage for each possible return parcel (plus VAT). We charge a processing fee of EUR 2.50 per lot for goods (except for single lots of postcards)..
  7. The auctioneer cannot be held responsible for the auction goods. At the consignee's expense, the auctioneer takes out a special full coverage insurance policy costing 1% of the total amount of the consignment.
  8. For every lot withdrawn from the auction after publication in the printed or online catalogue, a compensation of 20% of the starting price and a lot fee of 25 euros - at most 300 euros - will be due.  Fees for necessary estimations of auction goods will be charged separately by prior agreement with the consignee.
  9. Final payment will follow 6-8 weeks after the auction.
  10. For rare items and special consignments, advance payment is possible.
  11. The area of jurisdiction is Lörrach, Germany. The contract of auction is subject to German law.

65th Stade Auction

Saturday June 1st, 2024

Lot Start Lot End Starting Time CEST Description
1 17433 10:00 CEST Mail auction
30000 30703   Live-Auction LIVE!

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